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Poster Info & Pricing

Poster Info & Pricing

We provide poster printing services on a variety of paper types including Matte, Thick Matte, Glossy and Canvas. Our prices vary on size and paper type, as shown below.

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Our policy for poster printing is to print poster appointments at their scheduled time, and if there is no appointment booked when you arrive, then we will print on a first-come first-served basis. Stop by with your poster in PDF format either on a USB or email it to us when you arrive and we will try to serve you as soon as possible.

Our poster roll is 36 in (91 cm) wide so one of the dimensions of your poster cannot be larger than 36 inches (91 cm). The other dimension may be as long as you'd like. If you would like a PowerPoint template for frequently used poster sizes, try checking out our available templates here! Just be sure to export to a PDF format when you are finished designing your poster.

CopiEUS Online Poster Bookings

Online Poster Bookings

Before you book...

Please note that during periods of high demand, poster printing will be by appointment only. You can sign up for an appointment on our booking calendar below. If you want a guaranteed printing slot (even during periods of low demand), please sign up for an appointment!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Book one appointment for each poster that has to be printed.

i.e. If you need to print 3 posters, book three appointments!

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